Sandstone Montessori (formerly named Pete Seeger Renaissance Charter School) has been approved by the state of Minnesota to open for children in kindergarten through grades 8 in the city of Sandstone.  The school will open  in September, 2017 with grades K-5 and may have a preschool option.  Families throughout Pine County and surrounding areas are invited to enroll!   

Our mission is to educate young people for a happy, fulfilling, and productive life.

We celebrate the uniqueness of every child.  We love children!

We Believe

In a school that fosters respect for yourself, for others, and for the environment

In educating the “whole person”

In educating each child, recognizing the child’s individual learning needs

In high expectations for personal growth, development, and fulfillment for both students and teachers

In stimulating all areas of learning in the brain, including music, math, social skills, language experiences, visual arts, movement and dance, manual skills, self-awareness, empathy and ethics

In health and physical well-being as core components of our curriculum.

In small class sizes of no more than 20 students to promote student engagement and learning.

Our Vision

Our school is a beacon for engaging students holistically—developing their minds, bodies, and emotional health.  Students will be successful academically and will use their skills and comprehensive abilities to transform their worlds. 

We Love Children!

We Believe Every Child:

Deserves Respect

Is Inherently Creative

Has ability to learn

Learns Critical thinking through creative activities

Possesses gifts and strengths to develop to full potential

Can become a productive and contributing citizen

Can be a self-motivated and independent leader and team member

Our Mission

Our school will educate the whole person encompassing mental, physical, and social health.  The school will serve a spectrum of students from gifted to those with special needs who desire a holistic education.  Parents will be provided resources to support the mental, physical, and social health of their children.